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Interviewer & Editor: Anglela U

“How do you connect as a leader? What does it take to create a visceral experience when you speak? What if you could articulate the complex, simply and powerfully?”
These are the questions one might have through the journey of entrepreneurship. As a leader of TEDxMelbourne, one of the world’s largest and longest running TEDx events in the world, Jon Yeo helps leaders tap into a domain of real leadership and engagement, build deep connection and loyalty and co-create a new reality of human potential. Why did I mention Jon Yeo? I am glad to announce we have invited Jon to be our bootcamp instructor at the 1st Girl in Tech Macao Greater Bay Area Female Entrepreneurs Summit.

On September 28, 2019, fresh great start in the morning, at Macao Studio City, Jon Yeo came to Macao to share with us pitching skill, as he is expertized in working with CEO’s and senior leadership teams to build trust, empathy and engagement in an increasingly distracted world.

After a warm up exercise in the morning, Jon talked to our participants about the importance of communication. In order to express your ideas and catch the attention of the community, you need to use a tool, which is pitching. Using his Ted speaking skill, Jon taught us about the techniques of speaking.

In order to make your speech to be influential, there are 5 perspectives of speaking: environment, organization, individual, idea, and audience. After introducing us the techniques, Jon asked each participant to prepare a speech in the course. One thing I noticed is that Jon is taking notes during their whole practicing speech. Jon is paying attention and serious about giving real feedback and really want the participants to learn.

Our participant Yamillette gave a speech about being a Mexican woman in Asia, and the importance of being bold and brilliant. On the other hand, Edith gave a speech about her self-defense class at her volunteer association by raising the issues of the recent news about a child being sexually harassed by a driver.

At this time, I realized a good thing about our bootcamp is that this is a small class so that everyone gets a chance to have an intense practice of their speech we made. Everyone got to practice over and over again with Jon’s feedback. From a simple speech, everyone has developed their speech into an informative and attention-catching one within the six hours.

Afterward, I interviewed our participants for their feedbacks, and they told me that they came here for meeting the instructor Jon because of his great background as a TEDx speaker (they’ve seen his TEDx video). They told me this boot camp is very different from the usual speech class they took and there are surprises in which changed their perspectives about pitching.

Although it has been a tiring day for us, we are very happy to see how much our participants have learned in our 6 hours bootcamp today!